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Bikes 'n Wines gives back to the community by partnering with Greenpop

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  • Bikes ‘n Wines gives back to community by partnering with Greenpop. For every 10 guests on our tours, we donate 1 tree for greenpop to plant Greenpop is a social enterprise that plants trees and facilitates environmental education and upliftment in under-greened areas. In the last year, we have planted over 7000 trees at more than 100 beneficiary schools, orphanages, community centres and old age homes around Cape Town and a good percentage of these trees are watered and cared for by children. Greenpop plants indigenous and fruit trees, raising money for these trees from the public and corporates. Our vision: The Treevolution! We see a bright green future for Cape Town and South Africa – a future where the now barren, under-greened suburbs are not that different from the ‘leafy’ suburbs, a future in which all children know the value of protecting out planet and sharing in its gifts, a cleaner, greener future for all. Join the Treevolution – everyone’s invited! Find out more

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