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Bikes & Wines at WTM Africa 2019

After much anticipation and a build-up of energy the day has finally arrived.

Bikes "˜n Wines at WTM Africa 2019

  • The stall has been set up and looks amazing – if you don’t believe me have a look on our twitter page @BikesnWines .

    With almost 5000 attendees the place was abuzz of excitement, business talks and fun.

    Want to know what the best part is? Not all the exhibitors are from South Africa so you get to experience the tourism views from all over the world.

    I’m not sure what caught the eyes of the visitors to our stall first, the look, the name or the fact that everything is #betterbybike – let us know what you think on @BikesnWines  after reading this and enjoying the pictures at @bikesnwines .

    As usual, should reading this make you thirsty for something new and adventures book your tour with us now at Bikes n Wines.

    Day two has already come and gone and we only have one day left, so don’t miss out and come have a look tomorrow morning.


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