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Celebrating Success: Bikes 'n Wines Interns Graduate

Welcome back, biking enthusiasts! We're thrilled to share some exciting updates on the recent graduation of three exceptional interns from our internship program. Keegan, Naldo, and Ivan have successfully transitioned from interns to valuable team members, now contributing as junior guides and mechanics. Join us in celebrating their achievements and the journey they undertook to get here!

A Journey of Growth

  • The graduation ceremony, hosted by Lee, a senior guide at Bikes 'n Wines, was a special moment as he reflected on the interns' challenging yet rewarding experiences. Lee emphasized the importance of openness to learning, seeking guidance from senior guides, and making the most of every opportunity. From the program's inception, Lee, in conjunction with managing partner Quintin Smith, has been one of the guiding forces for these interns, witnessing their growth first-hand.

Keegan's Perspective

  • Intern Keegan shared his gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the internship, acknowledging its challenges and deeming it worth every drop of sweat! His newfound knowledge now extends beyond bicycles to interacting with foreign tourists, a skill set that will enrich his role as a junior guide. Keegan is most thankful for the privilege of meeting different people daily on tour and for being able to complete his first aid course, sponsored by Bikes ‘n Wines. “I am going to make the most, and the best out of this”, he said as he accepted his certificate.

Naldo's Triumph

  • Naldo, brimming with excitement, shared his joy at graduating and his eagerness to serve and ensure guests have comfortable tours. He acknowledged the hurdles encountered during the internship but emphasized that “with self-belief, nothing is impossible”. Naldo's positive attitude and determination are sure to enhance the biking experience for those who embark on Bikes 'n Wines tours.

Ivan's Gratitude

  • For Ivan, whose passion for riding and bike building led him to this opportunity, the internship has been a wonderful chapter in his journey. He appreciates the great working environment at Bikes 'n Wines and expresses huge gratitude for contributing to a growing company. Ivan's expertise in bike mechanics is a valuable asset to the team.

Pedal on

  • As these interns transition into their roles as junior guides and mechanics, Bikes 'n Wines hopes to continue to be a beacon of job creation and skills transfer in the vibrant Western Cape tourism sector. The success of Keegan, Naldo, and Ivan is not just a personal victory, but a testament to the commitment and investment in fostering talent within the local community. Join us in congratulating Keegan, Naldo, and Ivan on their achievements and let’s wish them all the best in their exciting new roles at Bikes 'n Wines! Here's to more memorable bicycle tours, vineyard cycling adventures, and the continued growth of this dynamic team. Pedal on!
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