Elgin Valley Bicycle Tours

Less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town, and 30 minutes from the coastal town of Hermanus, The Elgin Valley is famous for its apple and pear orchards, as well as its exceptional production of cool-climate wines.

Nestled amidst the mountains in the Overberg region of the Western Cape, this valley is a special place away from the usual tourist destinations, and can definitely be termed a ‘hidden gem’.

Visitors seeking a more exclusive experience will be delighted to discover that the Elgin Valley has recently earned recognition both locally and internationally for its flourishing wine industry and superb vineyards.

With warm country hospitality, dramatic landscapes, wide-open spaces, and a rich history, the Elgin region is a must for a guided bicycle tour, and will leave your travel heart longing for more. Be sure to book yourself on our Elgin bicycle tour below, you won’t be sorry.

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